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Data Provider: Welsh Government National Statistics Delegated School Budgets by sector (£ thousand)
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Wales[Collapse]Isle of Anglesey9,24841,7394,5134,7904,009
Isle of Anglesey[Expand]Isle of Anglesey - Nursery00000
[Expand]Isle of Anglesey - Primary5,16121,6754,2002,8332,980
[Expand]Isle of Anglesey - Secondary4,01218,7914,6841,9571,024
[Expand]Isle of Anglesey - Special751,27316,97305
Gwynedd[Expand]Gwynedd - Nursery00000
[Expand]Gwynedd - Primary9,07036,6844,0444,4665,170
[Expand]Gwynedd - Secondary7,39635,6884,8253,5211,657
[Expand]Gwynedd - Special1272,24017,641044
Conwy[Expand]Conwy - Nursery00000
[Expand]Conwy - Primary8,12933,2604,0923,5244,156
[Expand]Conwy - Secondary7,29333,2984,5662,0771,880
[Expand]Conwy - Special1703,35419,730090
Denbighshire[Expand]Denbighshire - Nursery00000
[Expand]Denbighshire - Primary7,69731,9884,1562,7941,161
[Expand]Denbighshire - Secondary7,22534,0154,7082,3491,004
[Expand]Denbighshire - Special2485,02520,237053
Flintshire[Expand]Flintshire - Nursery201246,20051
[Expand]Flintshire - Primary12,60945,2423,5884,1955,640
[Expand]Flintshire - Secondary10,05543,2884,3053,6921,679
[Expand]Flintshire - Special2423,67915,202041
Wrexham[Expand]Wrexham - Nursery302387,91928
[Expand]Wrexham - Primary11,63741,6643,5804,7815,788
[Expand]Wrexham - Secondary6,54830,4414,6493,5401,898
[Expand]Wrexham - Special2643,46713,1310101
Powys[Expand]Powys - Nursery00000
[Expand]Powys - Primary10,01339,9393,9893,0393,034
[Expand]Powys - Secondary8,30135,1524,2352,8373,161
[Expand]Powys - Special2945,09417,3260444
Ceredigion[Expand]Ceredigion - Nursery00000
[Expand]Ceredigion - Primary4,85419,7774,0753,0423,052
[Expand]Ceredigion - Secondary4,53223,9165,2773,4841,487
[Expand]Ceredigion - Special00000
Pembrokeshire[Expand]Pembrokeshire - Nursery00000
[Expand]Pembrokeshire - Primary9,81438,3763,9104,3866,825
[Expand]Pembrokeshire - Secondary7,70934,1364,4283,2592,909
[Expand]Pembrokeshire - Special1392,62318,8710359
Carmarthenshire[Expand]Carmarthenshire - Nursery813033,7351061
[Expand]Carmarthenshire - Primary14,94655,6033,7206,3058,021
[Expand]Carmarthenshire - Secondary11,78856,0544,7556,3352,074
[Expand]Carmarthenshire - Special1293,19424,756051
Swansea[Expand]Swansea - Nursery00000
[Expand]Swansea - Primary19,52467,6143,4639,27210,892
[Expand]Swansea - Secondary13,83763,0164,5547,0564,412
[Expand]Swansea - Special1683,07718,3180223
[Collapse]Neath Port Talbot19,42679,1074,0726,5049,349
Neath Port Talbot[Expand]Neath Port Talbot - Nursery00000
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot - Primary11,18639,4033,5233,7546,550
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot - Secondary8,03235,8224,4602,7502,677
[Expand]Neath Port Talbot - Special2083,88218,6710122
Bridgend[Expand]Bridgend - Nursery2731511,667016
[Expand]Bridgend - Primary12,39041,6233,3592,9486,630
[Expand]Bridgend - Secondary9,55342,2784,4262,7771,335
[Expand]Bridgend - Special3317,11421,5020124
[Collapse]Vale of Glamorgan21,26585,6014,0262,9166,356
Vale of Glamorgan[Expand]Vale of Glamorgan - Nursery1468125,57934154
[Expand]Vale of Glamorgan - Primary11,51139,3043,4152,0695,163
[Expand]Vale of Glamorgan - Secondary9,35239,6244,237814936
[Expand]Vale of Glamorgan - Special2575,86222,8090102
[Collapse]Rhondda Cynon Taf39,040160,6154,1147,41019,310
Rhondda Cynon Taf[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taf - Nursery684797,05023155
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taf - Primary21,79078,1613,5873,78412,614
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taf - Secondary16,69674,5764,4673,6036,365
[Expand]Rhondda Cynon Taf - Special4867,39815,2230176
[Collapse]Merthyr Tydfil8,79835,9654,0882,7805,945
Merthyr Tydfil[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil - Nursery723124,3301086
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil - Primary5,23319,4623,7191,9413,172
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil - Secondary3,34613,8484,1388292,617
[Expand]Merthyr Tydfil - Special1472,34215,934070
Caerphilly[Expand]Caerphilly - Nursery00000
[Expand]Caerphilly - Primary15,70448,8963,1143,26414,606
[Expand]Caerphilly - Secondary11,79248,6224,1233,1357,225
[Expand]Caerphilly - Special1212,83423,4210353
[Collapse]Blaenau Gwent8,97542,0964,6904,1564,212
Blaenau Gwent[Expand]Blaenau Gwent - Nursery00000
[Expand]Blaenau Gwent - Primary5,17422,2404,2982,9623,166
[Expand]Blaenau Gwent - Secondary3,70417,5594,7411,1941,001
[Expand]Blaenau Gwent - Special972,29723,680045
Torfaen[Expand]Torfaen - Nursery583706,4263083
[Expand]Torfaen - Primary7,54526,5113,5141,8824,209
[Expand]Torfaen - Secondary7,19331,8964,4341,9941,146
[Expand]Torfaen - Special921,87720,513053
Monmouthshire[Expand]Monmouthshire - Nursery00000
[Expand]Monmouthshire - Primary6,38922,7823,5662,0654,528
[Expand]Monmouthshire - Secondary5,02022,0384,3901,4251,583
[Expand]Monmouthshire - Special452,33651,914081
Newport[Expand]Newport - Nursery995605,66095113
[Expand]Newport - Primary12,63144,1163,4933,9706,248
[Expand]Newport - Secondary10,49644,7334,2623,2511,726
[Expand]Newport - Special1302,81421,626077
Cardiff[Expand]Cardiff - Nursery2121,1335,343163155
[Expand]Cardiff - Primary28,209102,1083,62010,44613,844
[Expand]Cardiff - Secondary20,13095,1224,72511,0023,592
[Expand]Cardiff - Special53010,68720,1760232


LGFS0032: Delegated School Budgets (£ thousand)
Local Government Financial Statistics, Welsh Government
Last update: June 2013
Next update: June 2014

Source: Wales Section52 forms

Delegated School Budgets

Under section 52 of the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998, Local Authorities are required to provide a budget statement before the beginning of each financial year. The purpose of the statement is to provide information on the LA's education planned spending.

The data contained in the reports are derived from part 1 of the Section 52 Education Budget Statements completed by local authorities.

It is important that schools and others can compare funding so as to inform debate about budget levels and such issues as the balance of funding between primary and secondary schools.

The data shown in this report is purely delegated or devolved budgets to schools at the beginning of the financial year and does not include any money held centrally by the local authority and spent on behalf of schools.

Nursery schools only became part of delegated budgets from 2006/07 onwards so are not shown as part of this data for earlier years.

Standard budget reporting arrangements seek to address the problems of consistency in collecting data for the whole of Wales. Local authorities are demographically, physically, socially and economically diverse and also have very different operational structures and practices.

Number of pupils

This shows the pupil numbers in each school or number of places in the case of special schools.

For nursery, primary and secondary schools, this is be the number of full time equivalent pupils registered at the school, as used to determine each school's budget via the authority's relevant school funding formula.

In the case of a school open for part of the year, the figure is scaled down to reflect the length of time for which the school is open. For example, for a school open for 7 months of the financial year, the pupil numbers are scaled down by a factor of 7/12. The census date for collection of these numbers for the purpose of the Section 52 statements is January each year.

These figures will differ from those collected from schools via the Pupil Level Annual School Census (PLASC). PLASC collects the number of pupils registered at the school on a given day in January each year, from all nursery, primary, secondary and special schools maintained by the local authority.

Individual schools budget

This shows the budget determined for each school budget via the authority's relevant school funding formula. Regulation 14 of The Schools Budget Shares (Wales) Regulations 2004 states that budget shares must include grant paid by the Welsh Government under s.36 of the Learning and Skills Act 2000 - this is the amount that used to be provided by virtue of an ELWa grant under s.36 prior to that body's abolition.

In the case of a school open for part of the year, the figure is the actual budget determined for the school.

Individual schools budget per pupil (£)

This is derived from the Individual School Budget divided by the number of pupils, giving the amount of funding provided per pupil in each nursery, primary and secondary school. For special schools, this will be the amount of funding per place.

Notional SEN budget

This is used to record the amount within each nursery, primary and secondary school's budget determined with reference to the estimated need to make Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision. This figure is set to zero for special schools as it is assumed that all provision for such schools is SEN.

Non-ISB funds devolved to schools

This is used to record any additional funding allocated to individual schools (i.e. where the schools control how the funding is spent, regardless of how the funding is accounted for) and where the amounts are not included in the formula budget recorded in the Individual Schools Budget. This includes allocations of Better Schools Funding to each school.